Our Services

The specific competencies we offer include:

  • Commercial Transactions (this includes corporate matters)
  • Real Estate Transactions and Property Management
  • Conducting of legal due diligence on proposed projects and provision of comprehensive legal opinion during project appraisal processes to facilitate business decisions
  • Negotiation of debt settlements; initiating legal action related to debt recovery and realization of securities; and coordinate appointment and tasks of receivers and managers
  • Creation, Perfection and Enforcement of Security Interests
  • Monitoring and studying new or revised legislation regarding the EAC, member states and the industry and timeously advising management on their impact to business
  • Developing, implementing and interpreting internal legislation. In view of internal and external developments, recommending and/or initiating review of internal legislation. Monitoring compliance to internal legislation and advise management accordingly
  • Managing and directing representation in litigation, arbitration, and other administrative or legal proceedings, including internal administrative reviews, appellate and judicial proceedings and other matters in which the client is a party or may have an interest
  • Proactively identifying and advising management on legal risks, proposing and implementing mitigation strategies
  • Foreign Investment in Uganda
  • Regulatory reform
  • Tax Law and Labour issues
  • Banking Law and Regulation
  • Insurance Law and Practice
  • Negotiation of Contracts
  • Regulatory Reform
  • Company Secretarial Services
  • Litigation and Watching Briefs in Courts of Judicature
  • Leading and managing multi-disciplinary teams
  • Facilitation of participatory planning (including workshop facilitation)
  • Monitoring & Evaluation design & support
  • Advice to donors on approaches to justice & improving democracy
  • Evaluations (impact & cost benefit analysis)
  • Technical legal advice, including legislative drafting, review and audits
  • Capacity building

Other Services

  • We also conduct searches at various registries e.g. the Registrar General Office, Lands Registries, NGOs and Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) to mention a few.
  • We conduct general due diligence on companies and other forms of business associations in Uganda
  • We provide clients with legal opinions on diverse matters.

Litigation and Administrative proceedings

We can confirm that there is no past, pending or threatened litigation, administrative or other proceedings or matters before the Law Council or similar body to which the Firm or any of the partners are a party and which would either materially impair our ability to perform the services envisaged herein or which might materially adversely affect the financial condition of the Firm.